KUBA SOJKA, 7th October, 21:30 Main Room

Kuba Sojka aka Psi-Acoustic is a young producer, live performer and a musician from Mysłowice. He's one of the leading representatives of polish electronic music stage.


He presented his first musical experiments in 2007, using a nickname Psi-Acoustic. Two years later, he started working with a legendary label from Detroit, Matrix House Records, for which he recorded music in style of detroit techno, deep house, acid house, minimal, tech-house and future jazz. His next, a bit more jazz-ish and soul-ish productions, were published in a label from Chicago – Mathematics Recordings. On EP „Bright shadow of a star” you can hear the first elements of future jazz, and the album „Mysterious intrigue”, released on 2x12”, very well connected the artistic world of jazz with club and underground sound of detroit techno and chicago house. The musician also cooperated with such labels as Minimalsoul Recordings or Souliner.

And Kuba's still performing :) You'll see him at Interference Festival 2016 in The Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, on the 7th October. Everyone is welcome!

ZEBRA KATZ, 7th October, 22:45 Main Room
Bass-centric, minimalistic music. Performer on the stage. ZEBRA KATZ. NYC-based producer and multimedia artist at Interference Festival 2016 in The Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, 7th October!



It’s been a long journey for multimedia performance artist turned rapper and producer, Zebra Katz. Emerging from the same electro-tinged, fashion- aligned New York scene that also produced the likes of Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks, the Brooklynite first came to prominence with “Ima Read,” a growled minimalist banger released by Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint in 2012. The video has since accumulated more than 2 million views on YouTube, while the track provided the sonic backbone for a Rick Owens show at Paris Fashion Week and landed remixes from the likes of Tricky, Azealia Banks, Gangsta Boo and Busta Rhymes. In the years that followed he’s grown and grown, releasing music through Mad Decent (namely the mental Tear The House Up with Hervé) and the bass-centric Helsinki label Signal Life, as well as independently through his own label ZFK Records - all while touring his live show round the world.

“Excuse me, Zebra fucking Katz, as the Brooklyn MC insisted he be called. Katz was wearing a bathrobe during soundcheck, but he arrived on the shaded BMI stage wearing a jumpsuit and an eye-patch, placing rosé on the DJ table and moving with a con dence that suggested the entire festival had been booked around him. He reeled in the crowd with a Trading Spouses–sampling introduction and quickly locked them in by removing his all- white jumpsuit to a reveal all- white overalls. The audience immediately doubled, so he won over the new batch with “Red River,” an ode to champagne that culminated with the aforementioned rosé spraying over the photo pit. The excitement drew even more people, and they too became Zebra Katz fans when he taught them to chant along with his biggest record, bass-and-kick club hit “Ima Read.””


ZAMILSKA, 7th October, 00:00 Main Room
The music of Zamilska can be recognized by heavy, rhythmic, full of bass sounds. First thought: techno. However, her music reached far outside the definition of this genre and is impossible to pigeonhole. It oscillates between electronic, world music and noise.

On the stage, Zamilska emanates with energy, and every show is a vivid dose of monstrous bass and powerful beats, bringing the audience into a state of dancing trance. Her latest release „Undone” draws inspirations from very diverse sources: from raw sounds from her home soil – Silesia, through tribal chanting and oriental sounds to mechanical noises and industrial vibe.

Her debut album „Untune” from 2014, allowed her to enter the music market not only in Poland, but also abroad. Zamilska debuted with tracks „Quarrel” and „Duel 35” (which resounded even on the Dior show in Tokyo). She also worked on remixes and fashion music projects. She created the music to Michał Szulc's fashion show „Hold the rivers”. The producer collaborated with Maria Peszek – they even live played together her remix of Peszek's song „Sorry Polsko” during Męskie Granie. At the invitation of Polskie Radio Program IV [Polish Radio IV], a collaboration with polish rapper Quebonafide was born. The artists recorded a track titled „Święty spokój”, as a part of a cycle Żywy Gig.


Streaming of the album:
Twitter @zamilska
Instagram @zamilska
PARYSS, 7th October, 1:00 Archeo Room

His journey with music starts in 1998 and this is the time when he bought his first vinyls. Year after year he regained momentum. He's a precursor of the electro stage in Tricity and one of the first in this style in the country.

In 2004 – 2009 and 2012 – 2015, a resident of Sfinks700 in Sopot. At the time he organized about 300 events, inviting over 450 artists from Poland and many other countries. His dearest project, Bułka Paryss'ka (starting in 2005), in a short time has become almost a cult event. He's responsible for starting a culture of partying on Thursdays in Sopot, introducing a new quality, something fresh in presenting independent club music. Bułka Paryss'ka also took place in Versalka, Papryka (Sopot), Apartament, Wiele Twarzy, Buffet, B90 (Gdańsk), SQ (Poznań), Oiom (Łódź). This is more than 250 events, on which about 400 polish and foreign artists appeared.

REBEKA, 8th October, 00:00 Main Room

Since releasing the debut album „Hellada”, REBEKA (Iwona Skwarek and Bartosz Szczęsny) consequently strengthens their position on polish music market. They received the title of The Album of the Year 2013 from Gazeta Wyborcza and played several shows in Poland and abroad.

They proved they are mature artists, confident in their artistic abilities. The stage charisma, sophisticated compositions and Iwona's strong voice are the highlights of the band. Rebeka blends electronic music with ambitious pop in an unique, fresh way. They present original sound and lyrics that involve the listeners, making it impossible to miss it.

In spring this year, Rebeka released their newest album „Davos”. This material is much more mature, yet a bit wilder, than „Hellada”. Organic sound of synthesizers blending with guitars continues the intent of playing electronic music live. This album is full of diverse tracks – from melancholic to energetic club sounds. The name of the album relates to Thomas Mann's „Magic mountain”. The title magic mountain mysteriously affects the inhabitants of Davos, just like the state of creating and listening to music takes us to magical places, gets us away from the reality, transforms us.



WEISS, 8th October, 22:00 / 1:00 Main Room / Archeo Room

Weiss - formerly Elektrische.TV

Harmonic rhythm. Aggressive beauty. Yin & yang.

The biggest brawler of polish club electronic music, invited a vocalist
Adre'n'alin and announced a new, more lyrical phase in his artistic
career - album "33 Godziny" ["33 Hours"]. Now under his own name.

He published his first, uncompromising LP "Starter" as Elektrische.TV.
Thereby paving the way for sharing the stage with such artists as
Venetian Snares, Vitalic, Neil Landstrumm, Darkstar (Warp Rec), Lone,
Lapalux, Oszibarack ...

Experimenter and ideologist;
Recently started a cooperation with D16 Audio company.
Besides making uncompromising, hard to label, dance electronic music, he created a genre "Ultradance" - grounded metal from 90s. Co-author of soundtrack to Skolimowski brothers' film "Ixjana" and Piotr Kielar's "Satan Spa". Author of alternative soundtrack to "La Antena", on the request of Planete+ Doc Film Fest 2013.
Single 2014:
Album 2012:
Planete+ Doc Film Fest trailer:




Anna Maliszewska - Case study of „Samotny tata” and Maria's Peszek „Ej Maria” , 7th October 16:30 Archeo Room

Anna Maliszewska - Leading director of music videos in Poland, making clips for such artists as Dawid Podsiadło, Sistars, Reni Jusis or Hey. Author of films and commercials. Her works received many awards and nominations: Fryderyk for Best Music Video to Sistars' "Sutra" (2004) or Grand Prix at Yach Film Festival for video to Reni Jusis' "Ostatni raz". At the meeting the artist will present a case study of music videos created for Maria Peszek.







Tomek Ducki - Making of „Paradise awaits" a laureate of Videoklip in 2015, 7th October, 17:30 Archeo Room

Tomek Ducki - Author of award-winning short animated films, music videos and visualizations for such bands as Basement Jaxx or ZHU. Last year's winner in category Music Video at IF, will present making of the winning work "Paradise awaits".







Kuba Sagan - 7th October, 19:00 Main Room

Kuba Sagan - Graduate of Szkoła Mistrzów Reklamy [Advertising School] at Kozminski University in Warsaw. Creative Director in the biggest, independent digital agency in Poland. Working in advertising for almost 10 years, has scored about 30 awards and distinctions at Polish and foreign festivals. Recognised by magazine F5 as one of the 10 most talented copywriters of the young generation. Probably the youngest creative director on the market. Personally, father of a son, PS4 geek, stoked about football, jogging, Netflix and sportswear. During "Afternoon of Ad-eaters" we will see various ads straight from the festival in Cannes Lions 2016.





Piotr Bosacki - Presentation of  work + meeting with an artist, 8th October, 14:45 Archeo Room

Piotr Bosacki - Operates on the border of several disciplines - music, art, animation and literature. Focused on problems with composition - something that is, in fact, abstract. In 2012 won "Arteon" Award. Many of his animations were awarded at prestigious film festivals. During the meeting there will be an opportunity to watch selected works of the artist and to talk with him.








Wojciech Bąkowski - Meeting with an artist, 8th October, 16:30 Archeo Room

Wojciech Bąkowski - Director of animated films and videos, visual artist, poet, musician, author of audioperformances and alternative music. Wojciech Bąkowski is one of the most original and distinctive artists working in the field of animated film. His artistic productions have a significant position in modern art world, not only in Poland. "Analysis of emotions and vexations" will present the works of the artist and will give us an opportunity to talk to him.





Jacek Opaluch (K2 Agency) -  Lecture, 8th October, 17:45 Archeo Room

Jacek Opaluch - 10 years of experience in design for new media. Graphic designer, illustrator, flash designer. Later, independent consultant and creative director. Works, worked and cooperated with such brands as Nokia, Play, Coca Cola, Ikea, Carlsberg, Deutsche Bank, Winiary and many more. Personally, he tries to move on the edges of widely understood impact of the Internet on society and individuals. Transformations in culture, interaction between on- and offline, aesthetics and impact of technology on marketing. Currently the art director in K2 Internet SA.






Bogna Burska - Found Footage in art and films, 8th October, 19:00 Archeo Room

Bogna Burska – Polish visual artist and playwright. Habilitated doctor, lecturer at Intermedia department, the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. As an artist, she uses many different forms of expressions; an author of installations, spatial realisations, photographs, paintings and video works. The member of the Jury of Interference Festival 2014.





Zbigniew Rybczyński - Special Member of Jury


Zbigniew Rybczyński - Director of experimental films, music videos for worldwide known musicians, winner of Oscar for Best Animated Short. Thinking of human perception of the world as very limited and relative, Rybczyński searches for ways to find a new point of view. The charakter of documental films Zbig i Tango - Oscar for animation. Last year's winner of Interference Festival award for lifetime achievement.




Małgorzata Halber - Price-Giving Ceremony, 8th October, 20:30 Main Room


Małgorzata Halber - TV presenter, music journalist. The author of book  "Najgorszy człowiek na świecie". Host of the Prize-Giving Ceremony at Interference Festival 2016.






Olaf Deriglasoff - Price-Giving Ceremony, 8th October, 20:30 Main Room


Olaf Deriglasoff – Guitarist, bassist, alternative musician, composer, lyricist, arranger and producer. Member of bands: Apteka, Homo Twist,  Püdelsi, KNŻ, Deriglasoff. Host of the Prize-Giving Ceremony at Interference Festival 2016.


Heidi Hörsturz - Price-Giving Ceremony, 8th October, 20:30 Main Room


The mediaartist "Heidi Hörsturz" is working in the fields of audiovisual performance, video and soundart. Her work have been presented at international exhibitions, gallerys and art festivals.( ICA London, European Media Art Festival, MEM Festival Bilbao, Klik! EYE Amsterdam, Miami New Media Festival etc.) Her animations, live shows and installations combining contemporary art and modern trash aesthetics. She published a series of limited soundart vinyls and audiotapes which researches the connection of noise, artificial overstimulation and constructed visual associations. One of the thematic emphasis of her work is the desire of the contemporary society to get more overstimulation in rapidly shrinking attention spans. The search for shocking informations and sexual content and the yearning for a colourful world tries to replace the current depression. The repression of self-reflection with audiovisual brain attacks represents a striving for an artificially constructed world. A digital orgasm that overlays the emotional relations to the natural enviroment.



TRIX - VJ Battle, 8th October, 22:00 Main Room


Albert “Trix” Thompson is a world famous B-Boy and MC in the international breakdance scene. His incredible stage presence and his ability to move the crowd is legendary.

Through performing and travelling with his crew Trix developed his talent not only as a B-Boy but also as an MC and utilised both talents for their shows. Apart from Breaking and MCing Trix discovered Roller Skating. He integrated breaking moves into his roller disco performances and thus he won the roller disco championships of the Midlands twice.

Trix became an international icon ever since he started hosting the world’s biggest breaking event in 1995, the annual International Battle of the Year in Brunswick.