The foundation was founded in 2012 by Maciej Szupica and Karol Pawłowski as an entity dedicated to
organise Interference Festival. The seat of the foundation is Gdańsk, and its main aim is to popularize
modern art and support creative activities, especially the multimedia ones. The foundation pursues its
objectives through: organising different forms of collective participation in artistic and cultural activities,
especially - festivals, concerts, presentations, exhibitions, supporting artists in every possible way,
promoting, stimulating, funding and providing cultural and artistic education connected with modern art
and broadly defined visual culture.



ART ZONE EVENTS - Karol Pawłowski

The firm specialises in production and co-production of mass events and also complex organisation of
events such as theatre shows, concerts, fashion shows, fairs and television shows. For many years
Karol Pawłowski has co-created with Anna Dymna and TVP's foundation "Mimo Wszystko" Festiwal
Zaczarowanej Piosenki in Cracow. The team of Art Zone Events provides sound system, lightning and
multimedia fixture for many interesting countrywide events. On order of the Ministry of Economy the
firm produced an advertising campaign along with spots production, media buying and long-term
broadcast for example on CNN. Moreover, Art Zone Events cooperates with commercial tv stations
such as Polsat or TVN.


                                                      INTERFERENCE FESTIVAL TEAM

- Prezes Zarządu Fundacji Interference                  

Maciek Szupica                                                      Karol Pawłowski

President of the Board                                             Vice president of the Board                                                                                                      

Art Director Interference Festival                             Managing Director Interference Festival                                                                                               


Marysia Dąbkowska                                                 Ola Wróblewska

Office Manager                                                          Coordinator of The Team and of the official Interference website    


Gabi Warzycka-Tutak                                                 Kasia Turowska

Coordinator of the contest "Freedom of Form" IF         Coordinator of the interns and Jury IF   


                Marcin Kucz                                                                    Adam Baldis

                              Cameramen and video editors at Fundacja Interference


                                                     Radek Deruba

                            Coordinator of the VJ Battle during IF

                            Creator of visualizations, VJ during festival concerts